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PIXCI® D32 Compatible Cameras:

Dalsa: CA-D6, CT-E4, CT-P1
Thomson: TH78CA13, TH78CA14

PIXCI® D Compatible Cameras:

Basler: 113, L120, L130, L150, L160
Cohu: 4110, 6600
Dage-MTI: IFG-300
Dalsa: CA-D1, CA-D2, CA-D4, CA-D7, CA-D8, CL-CB, CL-CC, CL-C3, CL-C4, CL-C5, CL-C6, CL-C7, CL-C8, CL-C9, CL-E1, CL-E2, CL-F2, CL-G1, CL-P1, CL-T3, CT-C5, CT-E1, CT-E2, ML-C3
DVC: DVC-08, DVC-10, DVC-1300-BW, DVC-1300-RGB
EG&G Reticon: LD-2010, LD-2020, LD-2040, LD-2060, LD-2080, MD-4013
Hamamatsu: C4742-95
Hitachi: KP-F100, KP-F110
Inframetrics: 760
Redlake MASD: ES310, ES1.0, 1.4i, 1.6i, 4.2i, 6.3i, 16.8i
Pulnix: TM-1001, TM-1010, TM-1040, TM-1300, TM-9701
Sensors Unlimited: SU320-1.7RT
Silicon Mountain Design: 1M15, 4M4
Takenaka System: FC1300
Thomson: TH78CA88A, TH78KC96M

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Picture of PIXCI® D32 Card

Picture of PIXCI® D Card


  • Line Scan or Area Scan
  • One, Two, Three or Four Data Inputs
  • 8 to 32 Bit Camera Data
  • External Trigger In/Out
  • 32 bit PCI Bus Master
  • 132 MB/s Burst Transfers
  • Image Sequence Storage to Motherboard Memory
  • Asynchronous Capture Control
  • Camera Integration and Reset Control
  • Call about Other Cameras

PIXCI® D & PIXCI® D32 Simplify Scientific Imaging!

The PIXCI® D and PIXCI® D32 imaging boards are factory programmed to interface to your particular model of digital output camera. Install the board, attach the interface cable between the board and camera, and run your imaging software - that's all there is to it!

The digital interface is more resistant to noise than a comparable analog interface. Use of the camera's pixel clock eliminates jitter. The PIXCI® D and PIXCI® D32 capture image sequences, at the camera's video rate, to the limit of your computer's memory. EPIX software is available as C-Function Libraries (DLLs), or as XCAP - a full-featured interactive image capture, display, examination, processing, measurement, printing, and archival program.

XCAP Image Processing Program for Research and Industry

XCAP is a scientific and engineering program providing hundreds of quantitative and qualitative imaging operations. Quality control, medical imaging, microscopy, machine vision, research & development, and varied applications requiring motion capture, image enhancement, calibrated measurement, particle analysis, multi-camera imaging, or image archival, are all easily accomplished. XCAP empowers researchers and developers to meet today's requirements, as well as the evolving demands of future applications.

For Convenience and Confidence, Purchase the Complete Computer System Directly From EPIX!

Contact EPIX Inc., or your EPIX distributor, for a quote on a complete imaging system including camera, optics, power supply, cables, imaging board, computer, and software.

Imaging is one of the most demanding applications a computer system can be asked to accomplish. Not all computer systems are capable of offering the required performance. As a result, EPIX engineers continually evaluate the latest in computer technology. When you purchase a complete imaging system with your PIXCI® D or PIXCI® D32 imaging board, EPIX technicians consolidate all the necessary components and take the guesswork out of system configuration. All hardware and software components are installed and tested as a system before the system is shipped to you!

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Imaging Board Pricing:
PIXCI® D 20 bit PCI imaging board for selected digital cameras:
The PIXCI® D interfaces to a single output camera to a maximum of 20 bits, or to a dual output camera to a maximum of 10 bits. The PIXCI® D can also interface to 2 single output cameras if the cameras can be pixel clock locked.
$  995.00
PIXCI® D32 32 bit PCI imaging board for selected digital cameras:
The PIXCI® D32 provides solutions for cameras or applications which require 21-32 bits. Examples include interfacing to the following: an 8-bit four output camera, a 10-bit three output camera, a 12-bit two output camera, or a 24-bit RGB color camera. The PIXCI® D32 can interface to multiple cameras - for example, up to 4 single output 8-bit cameras, or 2 two output 16-bit cameras if the cameras can be pixel clock locked.
$ 1295.00

PIXCI® D & PIXCI® D32 Software Pricing:
XCAP Imaging program with graphical user interface - providing interactive image capture, display, examination, processing, analysis, measurement, printing and archiving.
(For WIN 95/98/NT.)
$ 1495.00
XCIP Interactive imaging program for DOS. $ 1495.00
XCOBJ Library of board command and control functions.
(Available for DOS, WIN 95/98, and WIN NT.)
$  495.00
XCOBJ & PXIPL XCOBJ library of board command and control functions with PXIPL library of image processing, analysis & measurement functions.
(Available for DOS, WIN 95/98, and WIN NT.)
$  995.00
XCAP-Lite Interactive image capture, display, and archival program. A limited version of the XCAP program. Available from the Software Download page.
(For WIN 95/98/NT.)
No Charge With Board Purchase

PIXCI® D & PIXCI® D32 Cable Pricing:
Cable prices vary with the model of camera and the required length. Some camera manufacturers offer cables directly compatible to the PIXCI® D or PIXCI® D32. Contact EPIX, Inc., Or your EPIX distributor, for cabling and pricing information. Cable prices start at $100.00

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Software price protection: Within 90 days of original shipment, a discount equal to the original purchase price of XCAP, XCIP, XCOBJ, or PXIPL, may be applied to a new version of the same software.

Programming libraries license a single program developer; the developed program which incorporates object code libraries may be reproduced without payment of additional royalties, as detailed in the Software License Agreement.

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