EPIX® Price List - Effective Date: 08 Mar 2023
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XCAP-LITE XCAP-Lite Imaging Application Program
XCAP-LTD XCAP-Ltd Imaging Application Program
XCAP-STD XCAP-Std Imaging Application Program
XCLIB XCLIB Software Development Kit (SDK)
XCLIBLITE XCLIB-Lite Software Development Kit (SDK)
XCLIBIPL XCLIB w. PXIPL Software Development Kit (SDK)

All prices EXW Buffalo Grove, Illinois. USA Terms: Net 30 Days, subject to credit acceptance. EPIX, Inc. products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support devices or systems without the express written approval of the president of EPIX, Inc.

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EPIX, SILICON VIDEO, and PIXCI are registered trademarks of EPIX, Inc. XCAP, XCLIB, and PXIPL are trademarks of EPIX, Inc. Other brand, product, and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Prices, terms, and specifications subject to change without notice.

Software price protection: Within 90 days of original shipment, a discount equal to the original purchase price of XCAP, XCLIB, or XCLIB+PXIPL may be applied to a new version of the same software.

Programming libraries license a single program developer; the developed program may be reproduced without payment of royalties, as detailed in the Software License Agreement.

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