Industry Windows File Image Data Image
Standard Support Extension Sequence Compress Time
(s) Stamps
AVI/DIB Yes Yes .avi Yes No 1
Yes(a) Yes .avi Yes No 1
AVI/MJPG Yes Yes .avi Yes Lossy 1
Yes(a) Yes .avi Yes Lossy 1
BigTIFF ?? (c) No .btf Yes Lossless Per
options image
BMP Yes Yes .bmp No No No
JPEG/JFIF Yes Yes .jpg No Lossy 1 (d)
FITS Yes No .fts Yes No 1.
Portable Yes No .pgm Yes No 1 (d)
Map .pbm
TIFF Yes Yes(b) .tif Yes Lossless Per
options Image
X/Y ASCII Raw Data No .asc Yes No No (e)
X/Y Binary Raw Data No .bin Yes No No


Max Seq Max Max Pixel
File Size Image Image Formats
(g) Dimension Size
AVI/DIB 1, 2 or 2 Gi -1 4 MiB -1 Grey-1/4/8
4 GiB (h) Byte RGB-24
AVI/DIB 32 TiB 2 Gi -1 4 GiB -1 Grey-1/4/8
OpenDML RGB-24
AVI/MJPG 1, 2 or 2 Gi -1 4 GiB -1 Grey-8
4 GiB (h) (compressed) RGB-24
AVI/MJPG 32 TiB 2 Gi -1 4 GiB -1 Grey-8
OpenDML (compressed) RGB-24
BigTIFF 16 EiB 4 Gi -1 None All
BMP N/A 32 Ki -1 4 GiB -1 Grey-1/4/8
JPEG/JFIF N/A 64 Ki -1 None Grey-8
FITS None None None All
Portable None None None Grey
TIFF 4 GiB 4 Gi -1 None All
X/Y ASCII None N/A None N/A
X/Y Binary None N/A None N/A

Note: This summary of various file formats reflects those options and/or features supported by XCAP®.

Note (a): AVI OpenDML, also known as AVIX or AVI V2.0, has not been formalized as industry standard, but is supported by Windows and most other systems and is a defacto standard

Note (b): Windows supports TIFF Grey-8 and RGB-24 formats; support for other bit depths and color spaces is unknown/variable. Windows support for image sequences within TIFF is unknown.

Note (c): BigTIFF is popular amongst GIS Domain and other applications using large cameras and datasets. See www.loc.gov/preservation/formats/ .

Note (d): Time stamps in JPEG/JFIF and in Portable Map are by virtue of using "comment" fields. FITS supports a single time stamp; per-image time stamps is by virtue of using "comment" fields.

Note (e): Image time stamps can be written to a separate ASCII file.

Note (f): TIFF options for no compression, industry standard lossless compression, and for EPIX® private lossless compression.

Note (g): Maximum file size is also, of course, also limited by the host computer operating system and by the HDD/SSD hardware.

Note (h): Maximum file size depends upon which Microsoft API, or third party libraries, are used to create or read the AVI file. XCAP supports 4 GiByte.

Note (s): Windows support without installing optional codecs and/or other third party applications. Linux is too mutable, and imaging handled by add-on libraries and applications, for a concise statement as to which formats are supported.