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Xillix Micro-Imager 1400 now Supported by 4MEG VIDEO

Micro-Imager 1400
The Micro-Imager 1400 is
specifically designed for easy
mounting on a microscope.
The latest addition to the Camera Compatibility Guide's extensive list of nonstandard cameras supported by the 4MEG VIDEO, is the Micro-Imager 1400 from Xillix, Vancouver, B.C.

The Micro-Imager, high resolution camera, captures images with an active resolution of 1317 by 1035, nearly four times the resolution of standard cameras! Output is provided as 10 or 12 bit digital data. Images are read out at up to 5 frames per second.

EPIX engineers have developed an 8-bit interface card for the Micro-Imager and the 4MEG VIDEO. The interface card is ½ size and occupies a separate slot in the PC. It converts the differential signals from the camera to single-ended TTL signals required by the 4MEG VIDEO. Software control of the camera's various operation modes and shutter are provided.

The Micro-Imager was developed specifically for microscopic imaging applications. The original housing design is ideally suited for use with microscopes. The camera is also available in a conventional housing for use with copy stands and tripods in scientific and industrial applications.

For more information regarding the Micro-Imager, contact:

Xillix Technologies Corp.
Suite 200
2339 Columbia Street
Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V5Y 3Y3
Tel: (604) 875-6161.
Fax: (604) 872-3356.

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  2. Xillix Micro-Imager 1400 now Supported by 4MEG VIDEO
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