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Pixel Clock & Video Multiplexer For 4MEG VIDEO Model 12

4PVINAM (Shown Actual Size) EPIX announces the 4PVINAM (4 Pixel clock and Video INput Analog Multiplexer) -- a small (4 x 5.5 cm) circuit board mounted on the Model 12. It multiplexes video and pixel clock signals from up to 4 composite video cameras. The key to capturing the highest quality multiplexed video at maximum switching rates is to use cameras that provide both genlock (external sync) and external pixel clock capabilities -- and using a multiplexer / imaging board that accepts both. Since the video output from each respective camera is digitized using its own pixel clock, exact pixel registration is achieved. Since the cameras are synchronized to integrate and blank simultaneously, switching is accomplished without loosing fields or frames. The 4PVINAM can also be used to multiplex line scan cameras.

The 4PVINAM configures the 4MEG VIDEO's DB-25 analog I/O connector to accept a unique set of signals. These signals are interfaced to external devices (cameras and monitor) with a multi-lead cable. The DB25-12-P- 6FT-4PV cable connects the 4 video inputs and 4 pixel clock inputs (8 signals) from the cameras. It also provides pseudocolor RGB output (3 signals) on an RGB TV-type monitor. (When interfacing to a monochrome monitor, only the green connection is required.) The 12th, and last signal, provides trigger capability. There are two jumper-selectable trigger options, either a TTL level signal from an external source can be used to trigger a pre-defined response from the Model 12, or the Model 12 can send out a TTL level signal to some external device.

There are no compatibility issues -- all revisions of the 4MEG VIDEO Model 12 can be configured with a 4PVINAM. All memory configurations, including all IMAGE MEMORY EXPANSION boards, and all versions of COC40 processing accelerators, can still be used. If required by different applications for the Model 12, the Analog Module and 4PVINAM can be easily interchanged.

Pricing & Availability
The 4 Pixel clock and Video INput Analog Multiplexer is listed in the EPIX price list as 4MEGOPT-4PVINAM. It is priced at $100. Cables are additional. A detailed description of the 4PVINAM can be found in the 4MEG VIDEO Model 12 User's Manual (Revision 4.2 and later). The 4PVINAM is available now. Contact EPIX, or your authorized EPIX distributor, for further information.

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