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EPIX Vision
The First Modular PCI Image Capture Board From EPIX

PIXCI® DLSEPIX introduces PIXCI® DLS, the first in a series of modular PCI boards supporting high-performance nonstandard cameras. PIXCI® DLS™ is a PCI bus master imaging board that acquires images from digital output Dalsa CA-D1, CA-D4, and CA-D7 area scan cameras, as well as CA-Dx line scan cameras.

Dalsa Cameras
The major advantage of these various cameras is that they are not shackled to the RS-170 and CCIR video standards. They aren't limited to a 25 or 30 Hz frame rate. They aren't locked into an interlaced capture mode. The area scan cameras provide, for example, a high resolution 1024x1024 image at 30 Hz, or a 64x64 resolution at 830 Hz. The line scan cameras generate a single line of video, hundreds, or thousands of pixels long, at varying integration times. All of these cameras provide asynchronous capture, which allows instantaneous image capture without the need to wait for the next vertical drive signal (area scan) or horizontal drive signal (line scan).

The PIXCI® DLS Advantage
The advantage of the PIXCI® DLS is that it is designed to support Dalsa's diversity. PIXCI® DLS accepts single or dual channel digital RS-422 output over a range of 2 to 16 bits per pixel. Sampling rates up to 25 MHz are available. Trigger input and output is provided. Synchronous and asynchronous capture are supported.

Dalsa And EPIX -- A Logical Choice
Although many imaging applications are still accomplished with standard RS-170 and CCIR cameras, the advantages of noninterlaced, higher resolution, higher frame rate, and line scan cameras are becoming crucial to an increasing number of imaging engineers. The PIXCI® DLS is custom- designed to match the capabilities of Dalsa cameras; EPIX software provides easy configuration and operation. Dalsa cameras, coupled with the PIXCI® DLS imaging board, are a logical choice for imaging applications in which standard video quality just isn't good enough.

EPIX Vision - December 1996 Newsletter

  1. PIXCI® DLS Image Capture Board Supports Dalsa Digital Area & Line-Scan Cameras
  2. Johns Hopkins University Researches New Procedure to Prevent Vision Loss
  3. 4PVINAM -- 4 Input Pixel Clock And Video Multiplexer for 4MEG VIDEO Model 12
  4. Image-Pro Plus Drivers (32 Bit) For Win 95 & Win NT
  5. Video Rate Real Time Full Resolution Video Display For PIXCI® PCI Board
  6. Use EPIX DLLs With Visual Basic 4.0
  7. Advances in EPIX Software Include Win 95 & Win NT Support

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