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New Image-Pro Plus Drivers For WIN 95 & WIN NT

Available now -- 32 bit drivers for Image-Pro Plus Version 2.0. All EPIX imaging boards can be controlled by Image-Pro Plus in Windows 95 or Windows NT.

New features include:

Triggered image capture: which allows external events to automatically capture an image.

Software control of video multiplexing -- depending on the board. The SILICON VIDEO MUX, with its standard multiplexer, can multiplex up to 6 composite video inputs; the 4MEG VIDEO Model 12, with its optional 4PVINAM multiplexer, can multiplex up to 4 composite video inputs; the PIXCI® board can multiplex up to 2 composite video inputs as well as 1 S-Video input with its (included) multiplexer.

Capture 8, 10, 12 or 16 bits from a digital grey level source with the Model 12. Supported digital cameras are manufactured by such companies as DVC, Hamamatsu, Kodak, and Xillix.

Capture color images from NTSC, PAL, or S-Video using the PIXCI board.

Display, on the computer's S/VGA system, is available with all EPIX imaging boards: users of the 4MEG VIDEO or SILICON VIDE0 MUX series have the option of 8 bit display on an auxiliary composite video monitor.

Image Pro Plus provides interactive software control of Gain and Offset for both the 4MEG VIDEO Model 12 (Rev 4.4 and later) and the PIXCI board. Software control of "hue" is also provided for PIXCI. These adjustments are easily accomplished with Image Pro's intuitive slide rule controls.

Image Pro-Plus Version 2.0 software is available through many locations including several EPIX authorized distributors. Drivers for Image Pro-Plus are available through All EPIX distributors or directly from EPIX. Media Cybernetics, the developer of Image-Pro Plus for Windows, can be contacted at:

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