242 Megapixel Imaging System

Capture from 16 SILICON VIDEO® Cameras

Sixteen fifteen megapixel SILICON VIDEO® 15C5 cameras connected through four PIXCI® SI4 frame grabbers are configured in this imaging system. Utilizing an Intel Core i7 x79 chipset motherboard with 64 gigabytes of memory allows for capturing up to 4000 fifteen megapixel 8-bit images for image analysis. A variety of SILICON VIDEO® cameras with differing resolutions, frame rates, and bit depths supported by the PIXCI® SI4 can be used and are listed in the table below.

EPIX, Inc. is a Gold Partner in the Intel® Technology Provider Program and builds custom imaging systems for your imaging requirements. The pictured computer has 8 hot-swappable drive bays supporting 2.5 inch Solid State Drives. The drives can be used to store images that have been captured to memory. Drives can be configured as RAID 0 for video to disk capture, or can be configured as RAID 5 for data security.

Other cameras from our Silicon Video series may be used as show in the chart below. Contact EPIX, Inc., or an EPIX® distributor, for a system configuration for your imaging requirement.

SV643C or SV643M 640 × 480 10 bits 211 FPS
SVWGAC or SVWGAM 752 × 480 10 bits 60 FPS
SV9M001M 1280 × 1024 10 bits 30 FPS
SV9T001C 2048 × 1536 10 bits 12 FPS
SV5C10 or SV5M10 2592 × 1944 12 bits 10 FPS
SV9C10 3844 × 2616 12 bits 6.6 FPS
SV10C6 or SV10M6 3840 × 2764 12 bits 6.2 FPS
SV15C5 4608 ×3288 12 bits 4.6 FPS

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