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Multiple Camera Motion Analysis

Camera A Sequence
Sequences of images from multiple cameras can be captured simultaneously by up to eight 4MEG VIDEOs, allowing analysis of motion from multiple perspectives. Trigger by keyboard, TTL input, time of day, SMPTE VITC codes, or RS-232 can initiate capture of an image sequence. A sequence can also be continuously captured -- terminated by a software-selected number of frames following a trigger event -- capturing images both preceding and following the event.

With the 256 Megabyte option, capturing RS-170 video at 30 fps, each 4MEG VIDEO can record 740 frames at 752x480 resolution, or 24.6 seconds of video! Images are captured with true pixel accuracy, neither compressed nor approximated, allowing detailed analysis of edge position or velocity.

The 4MEG VIDEO also supports nonstandard cameras, allowing capture of simultaneous sequences at higher frame rates, such as 9000 fps with a 32x32 DALSA, or higher resolution, such as a 2Kx2K Kodak MEGAPLUS.

The two ball and racquet sequences were taken by COHU 4110 cameras, with an electronic shutter speed of 1/2000 second, showing the impact of ball and racquet from two different viewpoints.

Camera E Sequence

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