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Object Tracking with COC402

Image of Tracking Balsa Plane
Real-Time object tracking with a COC402 co-processor board, allows position calculation of a moving object within 1/30 of a second. In this example, images with a resolution of 720x240 are continuously processed from a standard RS-170 camera while dual TMS320C40 processors perform the calculations. Images are alternately captured into the memories of the two DSPs and processed. While one TMS320C40 processes an image, the next image is captured into the memory of the second. This ping-pong action is accomplished in one frame time, allowing every frame from the camera to be processed.

A "differential center of mass algorithm" is used to calculate the location of the moving object. The programmable TMS320C40s can perform almost any image processing operation at high speed.

Image capture and display is accomplished with a 4MEG VIDEO Model 12 imaging board. The images were captured and processed using EPIX 4MOBJ Programming Libraries.

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