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Medical Image Capture and Processing

Image of Skull X-ray
EPIX imaging boards allow capture from a variety of modalities including CT, MRI, and ultrasound. Interfacing to high resolution CCD sensors, CCD cameras, and tube cameras, EPIX imaging boards provide accurate acquisition of medical and dental X-ray images.

4MEG VIDEO Model 12 provides high resolution image capture, accelerated processing, and display capabilities on a single board.

On-board processing provides high speed execution of image processing routines such as sharpening, subtracting, windowing, and edge detecting.

Lookup tables provide pseudo color display, allowing specific regions of gray levels to be highlighted or colorized.

The Model 12 is available with large memory storage allowing a sequence of images to be captured for 3-D reconstruction or motion analysis (third party software necessary for 3D reconstruction).

Image of Elbow X-ray A separate multiplexer card can be used with the Model 12 to switch from 12 modalities via software.

SILICON VIDEO MUX provides a lower cost image capture solution, and features a 6 input multiplexer to switch modalities.

Software is available as a menu driven program or as C libraries. Many third party packages are also supported.

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