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Image Integration with the Loral Fairchild CAM5000

The 4MEG VIDEO along with the Loral Fairchild CAM5000/CAM5002 Multi-Head Camera, supports extendable exposure image capture (integration), allowing high quality images to be obtained in low-light environments.

These examples were taken by the camera of itself (via a mirror) with a VGA monitor as the sole source of illumination.

Top Image: Integrated for 1/30 second, the standard RS-170 timing. Only the control unit's LED is visible.

Middle Image: Integrating for 10 seconds yields a properly exposed image, in the same lighting conditions as the top image.

Bottom Image: The middle image, normalized by using a background (dark current) image obtained by integrating 10 seconds with the camera's lens covered. This pixel to pixel normalization is possible because the dark current noise of the CAM5000/CAM5002 is (spatially) repeatable.

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