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Price lists are available for products manufactured by EPIX, Inc.

All binding quotations are issued in writing by EPIX, Inc. Quotations provided by EPIX, Inc. by voice or by e-mail in other than the quotation form are not binding.

Placing Orders
All orders must be issued to EPIX, Inc. Orders should be sent to:

EPIX, Inc.

381 Lexington Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Tel. 847.465.1818
Fax. 847.465.1919

All orders must be denominated in US Dollars (USD). Orders in other currencies will not be accepted.

Terms of payment will be indicated on the quotation. Methods of payment include wire transfer, and the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Terms and Conditions
EPIX, Inc. Terms of Sale & Quotation.