Imaging Software Directory

The PIXCI® series imaging boards are supported by a wide range of software solutions. These include:

  • Ready-to-run application programs designed and supported by EPIX, Inc.
  • Ready-to-run third party application programs for which EPIX, Inc. has designed and verified specific drivers.
  • Ready-to-run third party application programs from companies which have designed and verified their own drivers, either based upon C/C++ libraries provided by EPIX, Inc. or by direct programming of the PIXCI® imaging board.
  • Program developer's third party development environments.
  • Program developer's C/C++ libraries designed and supported by EPIX, Inc. - The brief software descriptions in this Directory are intended to assist in the selection of software, but are not complete product specifications. Please contact the appropriate software manufacturer for complete and up-to-date specifications.

This Directory does not include custom or special purpose programs written by EPIX, Inc. or third party developers for specific customers or niche applications, but which are not marketed as off-the-shelf products for use with PIXCI® imaging boards.

EPIX® Imaging Software
The XCAP-Std ready-to-run image analysis application is a scientific and engineering package providing hundreds of qualitative and quantitative imaging operations. XCAP-Std is engineered to provide solutions across diverse imaging technologies. Quality control, medical imaging, microscopy, machine vision, research & development, and varied applications requiring motion capture, image enhancement, calibrated measurement, particle analysis, multi-camera imaging, or image archival, are all easily accomplished.

XCAP-Std combines an easy-to-use Java-based graphical user interface with highly efficient "C" and assembler image processing routines. Multi-threading allows virtually unlimited views, graphs, and analyses of one or multiple images. XCAP-Std includes a scripting language, user-defined tool bars, and non-procedural "spread sheet" programming for automating image analysis and inspection tasks. Other applications, in virtually any programming language, can remotely control XCAP-Std through scripts.

XCAP supports all PIXCI® imaging boards under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and under Linux.

EPIX® Imaging Libraries
The XCLIB Library empowers C/C++ and Windows programmers to control the PIXCI® series of imaging boards. XCLIB provides high level services, allowing programmers to concentrate on the imaging application, rather than focusing on board level programming. Up to eight PIXCI® imaging boards, of the same version, can be operated selectively or simultaneously; allowing parallel control for multi-camera vision of a single event or object, or selective control for capturing multiple, independent, events or objects. XCLIB automatically detects and manages different versions of the PIXCI® imaging boards and their intended cameras. Fundamental services, such as setting resolution, capturing, and accessing image data, are the same regardless of camera or version of imaging board.

The PXIPL Library empowers C/C++ and Windows programmers to process and analyze images in conjunction with XCLIB. PXIPL provides a wide selection of imaging routines. The major categories include: processing, enhancements, graphic lines and shapes, text overlay, printing, morphology, filters and edge detectors, transforms, convolutions, sequence integration and averaging, image printing, image copy and resizing, single image and image pair normalizations, blob analysis, histograms and moments, image load and save, calibration, correlation, subpixel accuracy measurements, and particle tracking.

XCLIB and PXIPL support all PIXCI® imaging boards under 32 and 64 bit versions Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8; 32 and 64 bit versions of Linux; and 32 bit DOS.

TWAIN Compatible Applications
Applications such as PhotoShop, Image-Pro Plus, and NIH Image, can take advantage of the TWAIN drivers available from EPIX, Inc., allowing any TWAIN compliant application to capture images via any PIXCI® imaging board.

Automation Manager "Software for machine vision and motion control. User configurable, multi-threading, controllable from VB or VC. Example applications include 3-D positional control for laser welding, high speed inspection of electronic components, print inspection, and dimensional tolerancing of parts."
Automation Manager utilizes a driver provided by Soft Automation, built upon the EPIX® XCLIB library. Contact: Soft Automation Inc., 248.685.8179,

"GStreamer is a library for constructing graphs of media-handling components. The applications it supports range from simple Ogg/Vorbis playback, audio/video streaming to complex audio (mixing) and video (non-linear editing) processing.

Applications can take advantage of advances in codec and filter technology transparently. Developers can add new codecs and filters by writing a simple plugin with a clean, generic interface. Read more ..."

Plugin for PIXCI® frame grabbers is available at

Image-Pro Plus"Image-Pro Plus provides an easy way to acquire, process, and analyze images on a single machine or across an entire network. Image-Pro Plus comes complete with point-and-click simplicity, intuitive interface, and the ability to integrate text, data, and graphics into one package. A Visual Basic compatible macro language allows for easy customization of Image-Pro Plus to meet your specific imaging needs."
Contact: Media Cybernetics, 301.495.3305, An Image-Pro Plus driver available from EPIX, Inc. allows Image-Pro Plus to use any PIXCI® imaging board.

LabVIEW"LabVIEW is a revolutionary graphical programming development environment based on the G programming language for data acquisition and control, data analysis, and data presentation."
LabVIEW programs can call most functions in the XCLIB and/or PXIPL Windows .DLL's. Contact: National Instruments, 512.794.0100,

MATLAB "MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks "
MATLAB programs can call most functions in the XCLIB and/or PXIPL Windows .DLL's. Contact: The MathWorks, 508.647.7000,

NeuroCheck"NeuroCheck is a general purpose image processing system for industrial quality control, designed to meet the requirements an up-to-date quality management system makes on the visual inspection of every item. Using NeuroCheck, you can check completeness of assembly groups, surface quality and measurements of work pieces, correctness of inscriptions and precise positioning."
NeuroCheck utilizes a driver provided by FSI and EPIX, Inc., built upon the EPIX® XCLIB library. Contact: FSI, 800.468.6009, Contact: DS GmbH, +49(0)7146 8956-0,

StreamPix "StreamPix is a software package for digital video recording direct to disk or ram memory, in uncompressed or compressed formats. StreamPix runs on a variety of cameras and supports both the analog and digital PIXCI® imaging boards. StreamPix provides a full GUI with VCR type controls, the ability to playback captured sequences, and the ability to export images in TIFF, BMP, JPEG, and other formats."
StreamPix utilizes a driver provided by NorPix, built upon the EPIX® XCLIB library. Contact: NorPix, Inc., 514.846.0009 ext. 22,

Video Savant– Real-time data recording for single devices
– Support for all camera types and frame grabbers
– GPS and IRIG receivers, altimeters, IMU/INS, and DAqs
– Compressed or Uncompressed recording options
– Export to AVI, JPEG, RAW, and many more
– Networking support for multiple workstations
– Full scripting, and optional SDK available
– Real-time and post image processing (libraries included)
Video Savant utilizes a driver provided by IO Industries, built upon the EPIX® XCLIB library. Contact: IO Industries, 519.663.9570,

VisionGauge "VisionGauge® is a powerful and easy to use software package that lets you capture, manipulate, analyze, store and output images and data. You can also use it to carry out reliable and repeatable high precision measurements, to compute measurement statistics and for counting and sizing operations. VisionGauge has an integrated report builder that lets you easily produce illustrated inspection reports containing measured data, and collect images and data into a database."
VisionGauge utilizes a driver provided by VISIONx, built upon the EPIX® XCLIB library. Contact: VISIONx Inc, 514.694.9290,

VisionGauge "VisionGauge® OnLine is a powerful machine vision software for automated inspection, verification and data collection. VisionGauge® OnLine is extremely easy to setup and use. VisionGauge® OnLine can be used for both in-process and sampling / off-line applications."
VisionGauge utilizes a driver provided by VISIONx, built upon the EPIX® XCLIB library. Contact: VISIONx Inc, 514.694.9290,

V++"The award-winning V++ Precision Digital Imaging software makes advanced imaging easy. Sophistication, speed, power, and Windows compatibility all come together in one seamless package. The intuitive user interface adheres to all of the accepted conventions for a Windows product so you probably already know how to use it!"
V++ utilizes a driver provided by Digital Optics, built upon the EPIX® XCLIB library. Contact: Digital Optics Limited, +64(9)478 5779,

Way2C WAY-2C is a powerful machine vision software system designed as a reliable cost-effective alternative to human labor in such tedious color-based tasks as inspection, process control, image interpretation, measurement, sorting and bar-coding.
WAY-2C utilizes a driver provided by RMA Electronics, built upon the EPIX® XCLIB library.
Contact: RMA Electronics, 781.749.9700,

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