High Resolution AND Fast Frame Rates


PIXCI-CL3SD-A504km (Monochrome)
PIXCI-CL3SD-A504kc (Color)

Basler A504

BASLER A504km (Monochrome)
BASLER A504kc (Color)

The PIXCI CL3SD frame grabber and Basler A504k camera capture images with 1280 x 1024 resolution at 500 frames per second! Windowing allows reduced resolutions at rates up to 16,000 fps (frames per second)!

The PIXCI CL3SD Frame Grabber operates in a Pentium III or 4 computer. Image sequences are captured in up to 4 GB of on-board synchronous DRAM. On-board memory enables capture at the Basler camera's full data rate, 625 MB/sec, overcoming the bandwidth limitations of the 66 MHz 64 bit PCI bus. Multiple A504k cameras and PIXCI CL3SD frame grabbers can easily be installed in a single computer, and synchronized to provide simultaneous multiple views of a motion event.

The Basler A504k camera is available in either monochrome or color. The camera's CMOS sensor provides faster frame rates at reduced resolutions. The full-frame electronic shutter provides simultaneous exposure of the entire pixel array with exposure times ranging from 0.01 msec to 33 msec.

The XCAP-Ltd imaging program, included with purchase of the PIXCI CL3SD board and A504k camera, provides camera controls including exposure, frame rate, and region of interest, triggering features, graphic tools,the ability to capture and display image sequences, and saving of multiple images as video clips. The optional XCAP-Std imaging program (only $1000.00 additional) adds image processing, analysis, and measurement features. Visit the EPIX website for detailed software descriptions.

The PIXCI CL3SD frame grabber and the Basler A504k camera are available directly from EPIX, Inc., or from an authorized EPIX Distributor. The Basler A504k monochrome camera, power supply, PIXCI CL3SD with 1GB of on-board memory, interface cables, and the XCAP-Ltd imaging program are priced at $15,430.00. Ask for pricing on other configurations.

Go to the High Frame Rate Acquisition with the PIXCI® CL3SD page to view some sample image sequences.


TTL Module The optional TTL Module minimizes false triggers when using a TTL trigger with a cable longer than one foot. The TTL MODULE converts the TTL trigger into a differential signal for reliable triggering with up to 200 feet of cable. The TTL MODULE also can generate a TTL strobe from the attached PIXCI® board. Compatible with PIXCI® CL1, CL2, CL3SD, D2X, D3X, SI, and SI4.


Example of Adjust Dialog for Basler A504kc camera with direct software control (actual size).
Adjust Dialog for Basler A504kc camera with direct software control


The PIXCI CL3SD is available with 1, 2, 3, or 4 Gigabytes of on-board Synchronous DRAM.


The maximum horizontal resolution is 1280 pixels. Horizontal resolution can be reduced in 10-pixel increments.
Reduced horizontal resolution requires less memory per frame resulting in the ability to capture more images.


Reduced vertical resolution increases frame rate. Vertical resolution can be windowed providing maximum frame rates from 500 to 16,000 fps.


Image resolution of 170x128 provides a 4:3 aspect ratio. Frame rate = 4000 fps. Approximately 197,300 frames can be captured into 4GB of memory (sequence duration of 49 seconds).


The capture rate increases with reduced vertical resolution. (16,000 fps maximum)


Calculated by dividing the amount of On-Board Memory by the Horiz x Vertical Res of a single frame.


Calculated by dividing the Maximum Frames In Sequence by the Capture Rate.


During image capture, images are displayed on the computer monitor subject to the performance of the computer's CPU, motherboard, and S/VGA system. The size of the displayed image, and selected display options, also affect performance. EPIX has verified a display rate of 21 - 62 Hz using XCAP's default display settings (2.0 GHz Pentium 4 CPU; Intel motherboard with AGP).

Rate (/Sec)
Maximum Frames
In Sequence
Duration (Sec)
Display Rate
While Capturing (/Sec)
4 GB 1280 1024 500 3277 6.55 21
1280 512 1000 6554 6.55 37
1280 256 2000 13107 6.55 62
1280 128 4000 26214 6.55 62
1280 64 8000 52429 6.55 62
3 GB 1280 1024 500 2458 4.92 21
1280 512 1000 4915 4.92 37
1280 256 2000 9830 4.92 62
1280 128 4000 19661 4.92 62
1280 64 8000 39322 4.92 62
2 GB 1280 1024 500 1638 3.28 21
1280 512 1000 3277 3.28 37
1280 256 2000 6554 3.28 62
1280 128 4000 13107 3.28 62
1280 64 8000 26214 3.28 62
1 GB 1280 1024 500 819 1.64 21
1280 512 1000 1638 1.64 37
1280 256 2000 3277 1.64 62
1280 128 4000 6554 1.64 62
1280 64 8000 13107 1.64 62


PIXCI CL3SD Frame Grabber

Board Size:
Length: 12.5" (31.8 cm)
Width: 1.4" ( 3.4 cm [2 PCI slots] )
Height: 5.9" (15.0 cm) 4 GB DRAM
5.4" (13.7 cm) 3 GB DRAM
5.1" (12.7 cm) 1,2 GB DRAM

Bus Requirement:
32 or 64 bit PCI bus: 3.3 or 5 Volt

Multiple boards: up to 8 per computer.

Data Cables: Requires two camera link cables - maximum length 10 meters. (Two 3-meter cables included with camera.)

Trigger Input Signal: LVDS / EIA-644 (TTL input supported with optional TTL-LVDS Conversion Module)

Video Display While Capturing:
20 frames per second, typical.

BASLER A504k Camera

Format: Color (Bayer Pattern) or
Monochrome (8 Bit)

Pixel Clock Frequency: 66 MHz

Pixels Per Clock Cycle: 10

Lens: F-mount

Housing: 91mm x 91mm x 56 mm

Micron MT9M413 CMOS Sensor

Resolution: 1280H x 1024V

Pixel Size: 12µm x 12µm


Supported by XCAP-Lite, XCAP-LTD, XCAP-STD, XCLIB, and XCLIBIPL. XCAP-Lite provided at no charge with board purchase. Compatible with Windows XP, 2000 & NT. XCLIB developer library is available for LINUX.

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