Dual Base Camera Link Frame Grabber In One PCI Express x1 Expansion Slot

The PIXCI® E1DB frame grabber provides two interfaces for any two Base camera link cameras. The PIXCI E1DB is handled by EPIX' software as if two PIXCI E1 boards are installed. The E1DB will accept two trigger signals one for each camera; or allows a single trigger to control capture from both cameras.
A strobe output signal is generated for each trigger. The PIXCI E1DB frame grabber supports two cameras with a combined sustained bandwidth up to 204 MB/second. Compatible with the PCI Express x1 bus, the PIXCI E1DB frame grabber interfaces to more than 100 of the newest, most advanced, highest bandwidth machine vision cameras available.

The PIXCI E1DB and XCAP offers:

  • 250 MB/sec burst data transfer rate.
    Up to 204 MB/sec sustained data transfer from cameras to x1 PCI Express bus.
  • Two Camera Control Dialogs - independent or shared exposure, bit depth, gain, frame rate, etc.
  • Cameras in free-run mode for maximum frame rate sequence capture.
  • Cameras in control mode for triggered image capture.
  • Quantity one price $1095.00 with XCAP-Lite imaging program.

The PIXCI E1DB is a plug-n-play frame grabber requiring no hardware setup or adjustment. Load the software, install the board, connect the cameras, and begin to capture images.

The XCAP imaging program supports up to 4 PIXCI E1DB frame grabbers allowing use of eight Base configuration Camera Link cameras in the same computer. The XCAP-Std program allows simultaneous use of the PIXCI E1DB with other EPIX® frame grabbers supporting different camera models, either Camera Link compatible or not. XCAP-Std also offers video-to-disk capture, subject to the performance of the host computer's RAID array.

Programmer's libraries and image processing subroutines are available from EPIX for solving the most difficult particle tracking, machine vision measurement, inspection, image sequence analysis, and flow analysis tasks. Third party software is also available.

Solutions and Support: EPIX, Inc. has been providing imaging solutions and support for OEM machine vision manufacturers and engineers since 1984. EPIX, Inc. assembles complete imaging systems with cameras, frame grabbers, high-performance PCI Express buses, and with RAID arrays for video-to-disk capture. EPIX imaging systems, custom-built to your specifications, feature Intel motherboards and processors. Contact EPIX, Inc., or an authorized distributor of EPIX® imaging products, for help selecting cameras, frame grabbers, imaging software, optics, and computer systems.

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