PIXCI® D3X Frame Grabber Supports Over 24 Multi-Channel Digital Output Cameras

The PIXCI D3X is a PCI-compatible imaging board supporting camera configurations with 3 to 8 data channels, or with 30 to 64 total data bits - cameras that are beyond the interfacing capacity of the PIXCI D2X.

ONE PIXCI D3X BOARD ON ONE BUS - interfaces to a maximum of 32 bits or 4 data channels to a maximum sustained data transfer rate of 100 MB/sec.

Supported Cameras Include:
  • Atmel-Grenoble TH78CA13
  • Atmel-Grenoble TH78CA14
  • Atmel-Grenoble TH78CA15
  • DALSA DS-41-065K0955
  • DALSA DS-41-300K0200
  • DALSA CT-E4-4096W
  • DALSA CT-P1-1024W
  • DALSA CT-P1-2048W
  • DALSA CT-P1-4096W
  • DALSA CT-P4-6144W
  • DALSA CT-P4-8192W
  • DALSA TR31-01K25 10-Bit
  • DALSA TR31-02K25 10-Bit
  • Pulnix TMC-9700
  • Toshiba IK-TU51CU
  • Toshiba IK-TU61

TWO PIXCI D3X BOARDS ON ONE BUS - interfaces to a maximum of 64 data bits or 8 data channels to a maximum of 100 MB/sec.

Supported Cameras Include:
  • DALSA DS-4x-64K1M

TWO PIXCI D3X BOARDS ON TWO BUSES - interface to a maximum of 64 data bits or 8 data channels to a maximum of 200 MB/sec.

Supported Cameras Include:
  • DALSA CT-F3-2048
  • DALSA CT-F3-4096
  • DALSA 1M60
  • DALSA 4M15

COMPATIBILITY GUARANTEED - The product designation "PIXCI D3X" refers to a series of 24+ custom-configured imaging boards; each optimized to support one of 24+ specialized digital cameras. Before a camera is added to the Camera Compatibility Guide, EPIX tests the camera and designs a camera-specific interface. Engineers custom program the PIXCI D3X interface to exactly support the camera's video timing specifications and electronically tag the board with the camera's identification code. An "Adjust Dialog" menu, optimized to match the camera's capabilities, is added to the XCAP imaging program.

OPTIMIZED IMAGING SYSTEMS - EPIX, Inc. offers complete imaging systems including cameras, imaging boards, software, cables, computers, lenses, and lighting. All components of an EPIX imaging system are configured and tested together, as a system, so the system can be guaranteed to work properly, the first time, right out of the box.


TTL Module The optional TTL Module minimizes false triggers when using a TTL trigger with a cable longer than one foot. The TTL MODULE converts the TTL trigger into a differential signal for reliable triggering with up to 200 feet of cable. The TTL MODULE also can generate a TTL strobe from the attached PIXCI® board. Compatible with PIXCI® CL1, CL2, CL3SD, D2X, D3X, SI, and SI4.


8 to 4,096 pixels per line
1 to 4,096 lines per image (area scan)
1 to 65,534 lines per image (line scan)

Differential RS-644
Differential Trigger IN / Strobe OUT
(Optional "TTL Module" allows TTL Trigger IN and TTL Strobe OUT)

1 100-pin cable receptacle
2 10-pin headers

Camera Dependent

PIXCI D3X was tested per EMC directive 89/336/EEC and performed to class B.

32 bit, 33 MHz PCI bus master, or
64 bit 66 MHz PCI bus master
3.3V or 5V PCI Signaling

12.48 cm long by 9.33cm high (3.7" x 4.913") [short slot]

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