LVDS (RS-644) PCI Express x1 Frame Grabber

  • PCIe x1 frame grabber for LVDS parallel output digital cameras.
  • Captures at data rates up to 200 megabytes per second.
  • Captures up to four 8 bit LVDS data channels, per PIXCI® D3XE.
  • Captures up to 32 bit camera LVDS data, per PIXCI® D3XE.
  • Capture 64 bit camera LVDS data, with dual PIXCI® D3XEs.
  • Asynchronous image capture camera control.
  • TTL trigger in.
  • TTL strobe out.
  • Camera exposure and reset control.
  • Line scan or area scan cameras.
  • Line drive and frame drive inputs.
  • Two general purpose TTL inputs.
  • Two general purpose TTL outputs.
  • Single or dual board configurations.
  • Video rate image sequence capture to computer memory.
  • Windows & Linux, 32 & 64 bit software support.

A few of the supported cameras:

  • Atmel-Grenoble TH78CA13
  • Atmel-Grenoble TH78CA14
  • Atmel-Grenoble TH78CA15
  • DALSA DS-41-065K0955
  • DALSA DS-41-300K0200
  • DALSA CT-E4-4096W
  • DALSA CT-P1-1024W
  • DALSA CT-P1-2048W
  • DALSA CT-P1-4096W
  • DALSA CT-P4-6144W
  • DALSA CT-P4-8192W
  • DALSA TR31-01K25 10-Bit
  • DALSA TR31-02K25 10-Bit
  • Photo Research PR-920 DVP
  • Pulnix TMC-9700
  • Toshiba IK-TU51CU
  • Toshiba IK-TU61


Supports The Camera's Maximum:
Horizontal resolution.
Vertical resolution.
Frame rate.
Bit depth.

Signal Levels:
Differential RS-644 camera image data input.
TTL trigger in/out.
TTL frame enable in/out.
TTL inputs, two.
TTL outputs, two.

One 100 pin cable receptacle.
One 10 pin header for TTL I/O & triggers.

Bus Requirments:
One full height PCI Express slot.
Operates in any PCI Express slot.

Height: 3.676 inches, 9.337 cm.
Length: 4.75 inches, 12.065 cm.

Operational Temperature Range:
0 to 70 degrees Celsius operation, with no condensation