Embedded Camera Link Image Processing System


  • PCI Express 2.0 x4 frame grabber
  • Supports nVidia Jetson TX1 / TX2 Module
  • 20 gigabit per second DMA burst transfer rate
  • 1400 megabytes per second sustained transfer rate
  • Two or four 26-pin MDR Camera Link connectors
  • 64-bit memory addressing

Image Capture

  • Four base; two medium, full, or 80-bit camera(s)
  • Monochrome or color cameras
  • Individual lines or frames
  • Continuous video
  • Triggered sequence

Trigger, Strobe, and I/O Signals

  • Camera exposure and asynchronous reset control
  • Trigger and frame enable inputs
  • Strobe output
  • General purpose inputs and outputs


  • 12 volt at 900 mA
  • 4.5 inches square (114.3 mm)
  • 0 to 70 degrees centigrade operation
  • Camera pixel clock frequencies from 20 to 85 MHz
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • XCAP-Lite image capture, display, and save program included with frame grabber purchase
  • PIXCI Selection Guide lists cameras supported with dedicated Capture & Adjust dialogs
  • XCAP supports all camera link cameras connected to PIXCI® frame grabbers
  • XCLIB programmer libraries for frame grabber and camera control
  • PXIPL image processing, measurement, and analysis libraries
  • Linux 64-bit
  • 3rd Party software solutions also available.


SIGNAL INPUT & OUTPUT: EIA RS-644 (LVDS) Drivers & Receivers support pixel clock frequencies up to 85 MHz.
PERFORMANCE: Supports the camera's max resolution, frame rate, and bit depth up to
1390 megabytes per second data transfer rate.
CONNECTIONS: Two 26 pin MDR Camera Link connectors for up to Base cameras or one 80-Bit, Full, or Medium cameras.
Add the optional bracket with two additional MDR connectors and internal cables to connect a second 80-Bit camera, or a second Medium or Full camera, or a third and fourth Base camera.
Two 10 pin headers for trigger inputs and strobe outputs.
One USB 3.0 TYPE A.
One USB 2.0 Micro AB.
One HDMI Connector.
One Gigabit Ethernet port.
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 12 volt at 900 mA
DIMENSIONS: 114.3 mm long x 114.36 mm wide x 41.7mm high with TX2 and heatsink
(4.5" long x 4.5" wide x 1.64" high)

Supported by XCAP-Lite (no charge with board purchase), XCLIB, and XCLIBIPL.
Compatible with 64-bit LINUX.


  Camera Resolution Frame Rate Bit Depth / Pixels Notes
Allied Vision Technologies Bonito CL-400-200 Monochrome or Color 2320×1726 193 fps 10-Bit CMOS 7 µ 2 3.89 Mpixel  
Basler Basler A406k
Monochrome or Color
2320×1726 209 fps 8-Bit CMOS 7 µ 2 3.89 Mpixel  
Basler Basler A504k
Monochrome or Color
1280×1024 500 fps 8-Bit CMOS 12 µ 2 1.25 Mpixel Global Shutter.
Windowing for faster frame rate.
Mikrotron Mikrotron EoSens CL 1362/1363
Monochrome or Color
1280×1024 500 fps 8/10-Bit CMOS 14 µ 2 1.25 Mpixel Global Shutter. ISO 2500 (Mono).
Windowing for faster frame rate.
NAC NAC HotShot 512 CL
Monochrome or Color
512×512 2300 fps 8-Bit CMOS 16 µ 2 0.25 Mpixel ISO 1650 (Mono).
Freeze-Frame Global Shutter.
NAC NAC HotShot 1280 CL Monochrome or Color 1280×1024 500 fps 8-Bit CMOS 12 µ 2 1.25 Mpixel ISO 400 (Mono).
Freeze-Frame Global Shutter.
  Virtually ALL Full, Medium, & Base Camera Link Cameras Supports Camera's Maximum Resolution Supports Camera's Maximum Frame Rate Any Optimzed for camera link cameras listed in PIXCI Selection Guide .

The chart lists high-performance cameras that showcase the PIXCI® E4TX2 board's capability to transfer massive amounts of image data which translates into the ability to capture high resolutions at comparatively fast frame rates. The PIXCI® E4TX2 is primarily designed to support high performance cameras, but it also works with virtually ALL camera link cameras.

Please visit the PIXCI Selection Guide for a comprehensive listing of supported cameras.


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