CMOS Cameras with PIXCI® D2X PCI Interface

SILICON VIDEO® 2112C color camera, from EPIX, Inc., features an active programmable array resolution of 1288 x 1032 pixels, with sub-windowing, sub-sampling, mirror and flip modes, 10 bit dynamic range, and frame rates exceeding 290 Hz (at reduced resolution). XCAP™ software provides control of all sensor features.

The SILICON VIDEO 2112C camera is based on the ZR32112PLC (Color) CMOS sensor from Zoran Corporation. This CMOS sensor allows decimation (sub-sampling) and can be driven over a wide range of pixel clock frequencies. It can be operated in either still mode (simultaneous integration of all pixel elements) or video mode (rolling shutter integration with continuous readout). These advanced sensor characteristics are critical to the innovative design and exceptional performance of the SILICON VIDEO camera.

The SILICON VIDEO 2112C camera is driven by a variable frequency pixel clock that can be set over a range of 1 MHz to 46 MHz. For any resolution and decimation setting, an increase in the pixel clock frequency will provide a higher frame rate. For example, capture a 1288 x 1032 image @ 0.5 fps using a 1MHz pixel clock - or capture a 1288 x 1032 image at 26 fps using a 46 MHz pixel clock. With a resolution of 320x258, capture 6.5 fps @ 1MHz, or 291 fps @ 46 MHz.

One cable connects the SILICON VIDEO® 2112C camera to the PIXCI® D2X. The PIXCI® D2X provides power to the camera, sends and receives camera control signals, and receives video data. There is no need for a separate camera power supply and cable.

The XCAP™ Imaging Application provides a camera control menu to select pixel clock frequency, integration/exposure time, decimation (sub-sampling) and trigger control. The color camera menu provides automatic white balance as well as manual adjustment of Red, Green, and Blue gain.

To complete the system add lens, lighting, computer, and analysis software; which are also available from EPIX, Inc., or from your authorized EPIX, Inc. representative or distributor.


SV2112 Dimensions

There are five 1/4" 20 (standard) tripod mounting holes centered horizontally / vertically in the top and two sides of the camera body - there are two mounting holes in the bottom. These holes are centered 7.6mm from the front of the camera.

Camera Side View showing front-to-back clearances for camera body, cable connections, and for the flexible interface cable.

SV2112 Back View

Only 181 Grams or 5.8 Ounces

Zoran ZR32112PLC (Color)

Imaging Board:

1" C-Mount Lens with 17.526mm Flange Distance

Resolution Scan Mode Frame Rate @ 16MHz
1288 x 1032 Contiguous 9.3 fps
1024 x 768 sub-windowed 12.4 fps
800 x 600 sub-windowed 15.9 fps
640 x 480 sub-windowed 19.6 fps
640 x 480 sub-sampled 32.4 fps
320 x 240 sub-windowed 39.2 fps
320 x 240 sub-sampled 102 fps


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