Allied Vision Technologies Bonito Video to Disk System

Bonito Image Capture System

High Performance EPIX® Imaging System

AVT Bonito 386 fps Camera and Two PIXCI® E8 Frame Grabbers

Maximum Resolution:

2320 (H) × 1726 (V)

[4.0 megabytes per frame]

Maximum Frame Rate:

386 fps

[at maximum resolution]

Maximum Capture Duration:

42 minutes

[at max resolution & frame rate]

Faster frame rates available at reduced resolution

  • Longer capture durations available with more or larger capacity solid state drives.
  • Hot-swappable drive bays with multiple RAIDs can extend sequence capture indefinitely.
  • Monochrome or Color.
  • F-Mount, C-Mount, or Canon EF-Mount.
  • EPIX, Inc. can provide a lens matched to your application.

Data Rate of 1546 Megabytes Per Second

The Allied Vision Technologies Bonito (386 fps) camera, at maximum resolution and frame rate, has a data rate of 1546 megabytes per second. The camera has two Extended (10-tap) Camera Link outputs requiring use of 4 Camera Link cables in parallel. The 4 cables connect the Bonito to 2 PIXCI® E8 PCI Express x8 frame grabbers installed in the host computer. The Bonito camera is Power over Camera Link (PoCL) compliant. The PIXCI® E8 provides PoCL. As a result, the camera doesn't require a dedicated power supply. The Camera Link cables can be as long as 7 meters.

Frame Rates Greater than 10,000 fps

Faster frame rates are available simply by reducing the camera’s vertical resolution. Illumination must be bright enough to allow exposure times that are less than the frame period. The camera’s horizontal resolution can also be reduced, but reductions in horizontal resolution do not increase the frame rate: reductions in horizontal resolution reduce the frame size allowing more frames to be captured in any amount of RAID capacity.

The Bonito’s 2320 pixel horizontal resolution is especially well-suited for ballistics testing

For example, reducing the vertical resolution to 300 lines provides a frame rate of 2214 frames per second. Using the camera’s full horizontal resolution (2320 pixels horizontal) with a vertical resolution of 300 pixels covers a 15 meter horizontal by 2.6 meter vertical field of view at 2214 frames per second. Most high frame rate cameras have a horizontal resolution that is less than half the Bonito’s, resulting in capture of less than half the Bonito’s horizontal field of view. If the vertical field of view doesn't need to be greater than 200 lines (1.7 meters with a horizontal resolution of 2320 pixels / 15 meters) then the frame rate can be as high as 3316 frames per second. The camera’s global shutter, with exposure time as short as 2 microseconds, provides sharp images without rolling shutter distortion.

Intel x99 Chipset Computer

The computer is based on a motherboard with the Intel x99 chipset (Enthusiast Class). The motherboard has 8 DIMM sockets allowing installation of up to 128 gigabytes of memory. Eight 512 gigabyte Solid State Drives in RAID 0, with high-performance controller, capture the live video. The XCAP-Std imaging program, offering video to disk capture along with many additional features, provides a Capture & Adjust Dialog specifically designed to support the Bonito. The Capture & Adjust Dialog provides quick and easy camera configuration without custom programming. XCAP-Std is available for either Linux or Windows.

Alternative Configurations Using the Bonito (color or monochrome) 386 fps Camera:

Capture Video Continuously for 42 Minutes

Use of eight 512 GB SSDs for the RAID allows video capture for up to 42 minutes


Capture Video Continuously for 21 Minutes

Use of eight 256 GB SSDs for the RAID reduces the potential capture duration to 21 minutes


Capture Video Continuously for 38.8 Seconds

If the RAID system is removed, and the computer’s memory is increased to 64 gigabytes, then video can be streamed to 60 gigabytes of available memory – enough to allow video capture
for 38.8 seconds at maximum data rate.


Capture Video Continuously for 18.1 Seconds

If the RAID system is removed, and the computer’s memory is kept at 32 gigabytes, then 28
gigabytes is available for capturing video, enough to allow video capture for up to 18.1 seconds.


Capture Video Continuously for 7.7 Seconds

If the RAID system is removed, and the computer’s memory is reduced to 16 gigabytes, then
12 gigabytes is available for capturing video, enough to allow video capture for up to 7.7 seconds.


AVT Bonito

Example Sequences

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