Ruggedized Camera Enclosure

Ruggedized Enclosure

The Type-MX VideoModule ruggedized enclosure system from Tectivity, Inc. is available for SILICON® VIDEO cameras and provides these benefits:

  • Sealed Enclosure - keeps out particulates, liquids, spray, vapors - tamper-proofs vision equipment.
  • Compact Size - maximizes access to the manufacturing process.
  • Raised Optical Window - sheds debris, easy to clean - treated glass resists scuffing.
  • Sealed Access Cover - facilitates camera setup without disturbing installation.
  • Ruggedized Construction - for superior mechanical protection.
  • Industrialized Electrical Connectors - quick connects for power, video out, camera controls, lighting, etc. - else, grommeted cabling options.
  • Plug-and-Play - four mounting screws and electrical connector(s) - and presto, a new unit is installed.
  • Installation Flexibility - in any position depending on camera orientation limitations.
  • Integrated Illuminators - and electronic controls for enhanced imaging options -- and more features.

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