XCAP Handles TWAIN and More!

Link to Full Resolution View of XCAP The XCAP Image Acquisition, Display, Processing, Measurement, and Analysis program is designed to accept and process images from a wide variety of sources in addition to PIXCI imaging boards.

Images in standard TIFF or BMP formats can be loaded and analyzed, regardless of the image resolution (subject to available PC memory), supporting monochrome images with 1 to 16 bits, or color images with up to 16 bits per color component (i.e. up to 48 bit RGB images). Images in raw "binary" formats can be analyzed or converted to industry standard formats.

XCAP is also a TWAIN Compliant Application. It can capture images from TWAIN compliant devices, such as scanners and specialty cameras, and apply all of its processing and analysis tools to those images! The TWAIN feature captures images in 8 bit monochrome or 24 bit color modes; future versions will support higher bit depths.

Multiple images from TWAIN compliant devices may be on-screen, together with images loaded from files, or with images captured from the PIXCI imaging board. All of these images, regardless of source, may be used together (subject only to available PC memory).

The fully-featured version of XCAP allows everything described above, even if a PIXCI imaging board is not installed. The XCAP-Lite version allows loading and saving of arbitrary images from files so long as a PIXCI imaging board is present, but is not a TWAIN Compliant Application.

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