TWAIN Drivers for PIXCI® Frame Grabbers

The TWAIN Drivers enable the PIXCI® frame grabbers to serve as a "TWAIN Source", allowing any "TWAIN Compliant Application" to capture one or more images from the PIXCI® frame grabber. The TWAIN Drivers support the same bit depths as the PIXCI® imaging board; for the sake of TWAIN Applications that can't handle 10, 12, or 14 bit pixels, the TWAIN Drivers provide optional conversion to 8 or 16 bits monochrome, or to 24 or 48 bits RGB.

Two types of drivers, "Stand Alone" and "Sourcery" are provided in the "PIXCI® TWAIN Driver" software.

The "Stand Alone" TWAIN Driver requires minimal PC resources and does not require the presence of any other EPIX® imaging applications. The "Stand Alone" driver provides a minimum of interactive frame grabber and camera controls. For the PIXCI® SV2, SV3, SV4, SV5, SV5A, SV5L, and SV8 boards, controls for Snap, Live, Input, Brightness, Contrast, and Hue are provided. For the PIXCI® SV5B and SV7 boards, controls for Snap, Live, Brightness, Contrast, and Hue are provided. For the PIXCI® A110 and A310 boards, controls for Snap, Live, Contrast, and Brightness are provided. For the PIXCI® A, CL1, CL2, CL3SD, D, D24, D32, D2X, D3X, D3XE, E1, E1DB, E4, E4DB, E4G2, E8, E8CAM, E8DB, e104x4, EB1, EB1G2, EB1-PoCL, EB1G2-PoCL, EB1mini, miniH2b, miniH2, EC1, ECB1, ECB1-34, ECB2, EL1, EL1DB, and ELS2 boards, controls for Snap and Live are provided. For the PIXCI® SI1, SI2, or SI4 frame grabbers used with SILICON VIDEO® cameras, Snap, Live and various camera-specific controls, such as gain, exposure, scan direction, and white balance (where applicable) are provided. The video configuration of the "Stand Alone" TWAIN Driver can be adjusted by importing video setup configuration files.

The "TWAIN Sourcery" driver allows sharing all of XCAP's sophisticated frame grabber and camera controls, while allowing other TWAIN applications access to image data through the TWAIN interface. Both XCAP and the user's favorite TWAIN application can remain open at the same time, providing the best of both programs!

The PIXCI® TWAIN Drivers should not be confused with the XCAP feature as a TWAIN Compliant Application. The former allows other applications, such as Image-Pro or PhotoShop, to directly capture images via the PIXCI® frame grabber, possibly using XCAP for control of the camera and PIXCI® frame grabber. The latter allows XCAP to capture and analyze images from scanners or cameras that provide their own interface hardware and TWAIN driver, and doesn't involve use of a PIXCI® frame grabber.

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