News Release

2 October 2008

The SILICON VIDEO SV9M001C COLOR camera has been discontinued. EPIX, Inc. cannot accept any new orders for this product. The SV9M001C 1280 x 1024 COLOR camera required the MT9M001 color sensor from Micron. This sensor was discontinued 2 years ago. Recent attempts to find defect-free sensors have failed. We have no choice but to discontinue production.

Affected Order Codes:

  • SI-SV9M001C-7FT
  • SI-SV9M001C
  • SI-SV9M001C-B-7FT
  • SI-SV9M001C-B
  • SV9M001C-B
  • SV9M001C-C

This discontinuation notice does not apply to the SV9M001M monochrome camera.

Aptina still manufactures the monochrome version of this sensor. EPIX has the SV9M001M monochrome camera in stock.

Alternatives –

SV9T001C 3 Megapixel Color camera:

SV5C10 5 Megapixel Color camera:

Both the SV9T001C and the SV5C10 cameras are only $1095.00 list price – the same price as the discontinued SV9M001C.

Please contact EPIX, Inc. with any questions.

Best Regards,
Charlie Dijak
EPIX, Inc.
Sales Department