Digital X-Ray Panels Supported
Varian 2520 1536 x 1920
12 bit (4096 grey levels)
Varian 4030R 2304 x 3198
12 bit (4096 grey levels)
Varian 4030A 1536 x 2046
14 bit (16384 grey levels)
Hamamatsu C7942 2400 x 2400
12 bit (4096 grey levels)

PIXCI® D2X imaging boards support several x-ray detectors with digital output, allowing the capture of high quality data for use in a variety of medical, EOD/IEDD (Explosives Ordinance Disposal, Improvised Explosive Device Disposal), weapons and contraband detection, and quality assurance / industrial applications. Video rate image sequences can be captured to the extent of the host computer's memory (4GB maximum) or directly to disk array.

PIXCI® SV5 imaging boards can be used with any standard analog video source, including Fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, and ultrasound systems with RS-170 or CCIR video output. Modalities with RS-170 output can be captured at 752 x 480 resolution, 30 frames per second. Modalities with CCIR-compatible output can be captured at 920x580 resolution, 25 frames per second.

Both PIXCI® D2X and PIXCI® SV5 imaging boards are available with XCAP ready-to-run software, or with XCLIB C/C++ developer libraries. Software features include image capture, display, printing, archival, comparison, real-time averaging for noise reduction, measurement to sub-pixel accuracy, templates and graphic overlay, pan, scroll and zoom.

PIXCI® imaging boards are available separately for integration within OEM systems. Complete EPIX® Digital Imaging Systems, utilizing Intel motherboards and built by Intel-trained technicians, are also available.