Exceptional Image Quality - Small Size - Low Cost

SILICON VIDEO® 9M001 and 9M001C CMOS camera systems offer the advantages of high resolution progressive scan image capture, low noise digital signalling, small size, flexible interface cable, convenient software control, the availability of extensive processing, measurement, and analysis capabilities, and low cost. The 9M001 is a 10-bit monochrome camera. The 9M001C is a 10-bit Bayer Pattern color camera. XCAP software provides control of all camera operations.

SENSORS BY MICRON - SILICON VIDEO 9M001/C cameras are based on the MT9M001 CMOS sensor from Micron. This progressive scan sensor offers an electronic rolling shutter, continuous and single frame capture, windowing, column and row skip modes, snapshot mode, 10 bit dynamic range, and an active programmable array resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels.

ASYNCHRONOUS CAPTURE with STROBE OUTPUT - The SV9M001 cameras offer Asynchronous Capture: the recording of an image (or images) in response to a trigger signal. The cameras also provide a strobe output signal to synchronize an electronic flash (strobe), for bright, uniform, short duration illumination. The SV9M001 cameras can be triggered to capture an image (or images) as might be required in product inspection, laser beam profiling, medical imaging, or any application that requires image capture at a specific time (there is a delay of one frame time between trigger and start of frame capture). The optional use of strobe illumination allows minimum exposure time with maximum image sharpness.

ONLY ONE CABLE - One cable connects the SILICON VIDEO 9M001 or 9M001C camera head to the PIXCI SI board. The PIXCI SI (Serial Interface) board provides power to the camera, sends and receives camera control signals, generates the programmable pixel clock, and receives video data. No dedicated power supply or power cable required.

CAPTURE & ADJUST DIALOG - The XCAP Imaging Application provides a Capture & Adjust Dialog for selecting pixel clock frequency, integration/exposure time, capture resolution, gain, offset, trigger control, and more. The color camera dialog provides automatic white balance as well as manual adjustment of Red, Green, and Blue gain.

The SILICON VIDEO 9M001 and 9M001C camera systems include the following items:

  • Camera Head (B&W or color)
  • Infrared Cut Filter (color camera)
  • Shielded Interface Cable (various lengths)
  • PIXCI SI PCI Image Capture Board
  • XCAP-Lite Imaging Program (XCAP-Ltd or Std Optional)

PIXCI® SI4 – A single PCI Express x4 board supporting up to four SILICON VIDEO® cameras is also available. The cameras may be the same or a mix and can operate simultaneously or independently. The PIXCI® SI4 can have four cameras expose simultaneously from one trigger or can use four trigger inputs – one for each camera.

To complete a SILICON VIDEO® 9M001 system add 1/2" format C-Mount lens, analysis software, lighting, and computer - all available from EPIX, Inc., or an authorized distributor of EPIX® imaging products.

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Example of SV9M001C Capture & Adjust Dialog.
SV1281C Capture & Adjust Dialog

SV9M001 / SV9M001C Capture & Adjust Dialogs

The XCAP Imaging Program simplifies camera operation with a dedicated Capture & Adjust Dialog. The Capture & Adjust Dialog provides one convenient location for camera controls such as exposure, resolution, triggering, color balance and frame rate. In addition, the SV9M001/C Dialog provides a camera-to-computer communication indicator, a programmable pixel clock, and exposure synchronized to AC power frequencies.

The Color & White Balance menu offers simple color balance settings for common sunlight, fluorescent light, and incandescent light conditions. In addition, for greater color precision, or for unusual light sources, XCAP offers advanced options for building custom color settings.

The camera's pixel clock frequency is user-selectable over a range of 25 MHz to 70 MHz. The programmable pixel clock provides a wider range of frame rates and exposure times.

The intensity of AC lighting fluctuates with the phase of the AC voltage that powers it. Capturing sequences of images using arbitrary frame rates with AC lighting will result in images with differing brightness. The SV9M001/C Capture & Adjust Dialog offers a convenient fix for this problem — exposure times can be easily set to multiples of the local AC line frequency, either
1/50th or 1/60th second. Synchronizing exposure times to the line voltage provides images with consistent illumination from a varying-intensity AC light source.

The presence or absence of the 2 lines between the camera and computer icons indicate whether or not the computer and camera are properly connected and capable of communicating.


SV9M001C - Bayer Pattern Color
SV9M001 - Monochrome
Pixel Clock Range:
25 MHz - 70 MHz (Adjustable)
1280 (H) x 1024 (V) Maximum
4 (H) x 4 (V) Minimum
Frame Resolution
Pixel Clock Frequency
25 MHz
48 MHz
70 MHz
1280 x 1024
15 fps
30 fps
43 fps
774 x 580
40 fps
77 fps
112 fps
640 x 480
55 fps
107 fps
155 fps
342 x 256
156 fps
290 fps
420 fps
1280 x 4
528 fps
1049 fps
1479 fps
Note: Pixel clock frequencies higher than
48 MHz may reduce image quality.
1280H x 1024V
Pixel Size:
5.2µm x 5.2µm
2.1 V/lux-sec (monochrome)
4.85 cm (H) x 3.84 cm (W) x 1.88 cm (D)
1.91" (H) x 1.51" (W) x 0.74" (D)
73 Grams (2.6 Ounces)
Tripod Mount Positions:
Any 1 of the 4 sides: 1/4"-20 thread
(tripod mount attachment not pictured)
1/2" optical format C-mount
PIXCI SI Board Dimensions:
12.7 cm (L) x 7.4 cm (H)
5.0" (L) x 2.875" (H) [short slot]
Shielded CAT-6 with RJ45 plugs.
Maximum Cable Lengths:
9.1M (30') at 70MHz data rate.
15.2M (50') at 57MHz data rate.
3.3 volt or 5 volt PCI slot.

EPIX SOFTWARE Support - Supported by XCAP-Lite (no charge with camera purchase), XCAP-Ltd, XCAP-Std, XCLIB, and XCLIBIPL. Compatible with WIN XP, 2K, NT, ME, 98, 95, DOS and LINUX.


SI-SV9M001C-7FT SV9M001C CMOS color camera head, lens mount with infrared cut filter, PIXCI SI imaging board, 7 foot cable, tripod mount, XCAP-Lite Imaging Program. $1095.00
SI-SV9M001-7FT SV9M001 CMOS monochrome camera head, lens mount without infrared cut filter, PIXCI SI imaging board, 7 foot cable, tripod mount, XCAP-Lite Imaging Program. $1095.00
TTL-MODULE Allows TTL level trigger input signal and produces TTL level strobe output signal. $130.00

Infrared (IR) Cut Filter: The CMOS sensor is more sensitive to infrared wavelengths than a CCD sensor. Infrared sensitivity skews color fidelity. An IR cut filter attenuates (reduces) the CMOS sensor's response to infrared light while improving color fidelity. IR cut filters are supplied with all SV9M001C CMOS color cameras. The SV9M001-OPT-MNTNOF ($25.00) allows operating a color camera without an IR cut filter.

NO (IR) Cut Filter: Enhanced infrared sensitivity is often an advantage. EPIX does not provide an infrared cut filter with an SV9M001 monochrome camera in order to maximize the camera's infrared sensitivity. The SV9M001-OPT-MNTIRCF ($50.00) allows operation of the monochrome camera WITH an IR cut filter.

Available Cable Lengths: 7', 10', 14' & 25' (2.1, 3, 4.2, & 7.6 meters).

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