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The SILICON VIDEO® monochrome 643M and color 643C cameras provide 640 by 480 resolution at 211 frames per second (fps). Reducing the number of lines to 2 allows frame rates up to 26,636 fps. Fast frame rates, global shutter, asynchronous reset, and shutter speeds as short as 10 microseconds (1/100,000th of a second) provide sharp images of high-speed motion. Example applications include high-speed inspection, particle tracking, kinematics, collision studies, sports analysis, ballistics, and plant or animal motion analysis. Images can be captured at fast frame rates and can then be played-back at slow display rates to reveal previously undetected details. Individual frames can be extracted from a sequence for further analysis or measurement.

The rugged aluminum camera case is 48.5mm high by 38.4mm wide by 20.8mm deep. Each side of the case has two M3-0.50 tapped holes for attaching the ¼-20 tripod adapter or for mounting. The flexible, category 5e, shielded RJ-45 interface cable provides image data transfer, camera control, and camera power while allowing camera positioning in tight spaces. Multiple cabling options are available, see the SILICON® VIDEO Cable page for more details.

This progressive scan camera connects to the PCI Express bus thru the PIXCI® SI1 (one camera), PIXCI® SI2 (two camera), or PIXCI® SI4 (four camera) imaging board. In addition to providing power, camera control, and data transfer, the PIXCI® SI boards have a trigger input and a strobe output to synchronize external equipment.

Also available is the SV643 camera with an EPIX® imaging computer system that can be configured to capture for a specified frame rate and time period. The SILICON VIDEO® 643 camera is available from EPIX, Inc., or from an authorized EPIX® Distributor.

SAMPLE IMAGE SEQUENCES - Captured with the SV642.

Birds Disputing Feeder Spot 640 x 480 for 755 frames at 204 fps:

Water Hammer 640 x 120 for 300 frames at 812 fps MPEG file (2.7MB). 50 sample frames:
(Sequence captured in cooperation with IanRyan Interactive and Heil20, Inc.)
50 frame sample

Pencil Drop 640 x 60 for 400 frames at 1612 fps MPEG file (1.8MB). 40 sample frames:
40 frame sample

Droplet Spray 640 x 60 for 400 frames at 1172 fps MPEG file (0.9MB). 50 sample frames:
50 frame sample

More sample image sequences.


Sequence Capture with SV643 Camera and XCAP Imaging Program

The SILICON VIDEO® 643 camera is designed to capture thousands of images at fast frame rates.

XCAP-Lite, included with camera purchase, will capture for a maximum of one second at full resolution, 8 bits per pixel, and maximum frame rate. Images must be saved individually.

The XCAP-LTD program captures and saves sequences for more than 2 minutes into 8 GBytes of available memory (computer must have approximately 10 GBytes of installed memory).

The XCAP-STD imaging program offers Video To Disk, which allows sequences to be captured uncompressed directly to a single fast hard drive or solid state drive. With 2 TB of storage space, images can be captured continuously for 8 hours (640 x 480 resolution, 8 bits per pixel, 211 fps). Longer durations are possible.

The XCAP program is optimized for capturing image sequences. The Capture Rate & Mode window allows selection of sequence length and interval rate. Linear and Circular sequences are offered. A Linear Sequence is a simple capture of a preset number of frames. A Circular Sequence offers continuous capture until an event stop. The Capture Event window offers different conditions that can start, modulate, or stop sequence capture. Events include (among others) Date & Time, RS-232 Signal, or a Mouse Click.

Images can be overlaid with frame number and time stamp. XCAP offers 16 different time stamp formats (below).

The Display Rate window provides automatic playback at rates easily selected by the user. A sequence can be displayed once, or can be displayed continuously. Display can progress from beginning to end or in reverse. A subset of frames, extracted from the complete sequence, can be displayed or saved.

XCAP compliments the SV643 camera with sequence capture, display, processing, analyzing, and saving operations. Select which version is best for your application by reviewing the description at the XCAP product page.

Enclosure W. Cable

Ruggedized Enclosure

The Type-MX VideoModule ruggedized enclosure system from Tectivity, Inc. is available for SILICON® VIDEO cameras.

Contact EPIX, Inc., or your authorized EPIX, Inc. distributor, with your system requirements.


Optical Format: ½-inch
Active Image Size: 6.3mm(H) x 4.7mm(V)
7.8mm Diagonal
Active Pixels: 640H x 480V
Pixel Size: 9.9µm × 9.9µm
Color Filter Array: Monochrome or Color RGB Bayer Pattern
Shutter Type: Electronic Snapshot (Global) Shutter
Maximum Data Rate: 70 MPS
Master Clock: 70 MHz
Exposure Time: 10 µsec Minimum @ 70 MHz
112 msec Maximum @ 25 MHz
Frame Rate: 211 fps (at full resolution)
ADC Resolution: 10-bit, on-chip
Responsivity: 17 Volts/Lux-sec
Dynamic Range: 61dB linear
Supply Voltage: 5 Volts
Power Consumption: 190 mWatt
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Camera Dimensions: 1.91" H x 1.51" W x 0.82" D
48.5mm H x 38.4mm W x 20.8mm D
Weight: 73 Grams (2.6 Ounces)
SV643C & SV643M
High Frame Rate Color/Mono Cameras
Frame Resolution Pixel Clock Frequency
25 MHz 48 MHz 66 MHz 70 MHz
640 × 480 75 fps 148 fps 199 fps 211 fps
512 × 480 93 fps 178 fps 245 fps 260 fps
480 × 360 138 fps 260 fps 358 fps 380 fps
320 × 240 303 fps 568 fps 781 fps 828 fps
240 × 180 527 fps 976 fps 1343 fps 1424 fps
8 × 480 953 fps 1831 fps 2517 fps 2670 fps
120 × 90 1911 fps 3406 fps 4683 fps 4967 fps
64 × 46 5835 fps 9700 fps 13338 fps 14147 fps
640 × 2 10,794 fps 18264 fps 25114 fps 26636 fps

SV643 Monochrome Spectral Response Curve


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