PIXCI® SI2 PCI Express x1 Frame Grabber Supports Two SILICON VIDEO® Cameras

The PIXCI® SI2 frame grabber provides low cost high resolution capture from two SILICON VIDEO® cameras. Two cameras, operating at maximum resolution, frame rate, and bit depth, can generate image data at rates up to 280 megabytes per second – exceeding the 202 megabyte per second bandwidth limit of the PCI Express x1 bus. The PIXCI® SI2 frame grabber allows simultaneous image capture from two cameras into 64 megabytes of on-board memory. After images are captured in on-board memory they are transferred to the PCI Express bus. The PXICI® SI2 on-board memory allows stereo image acquisition that would otherwise require a PIXCI® SI4 PCI Express x4 frame grabber or two PIXCI® SI1 frame grabbers.

Triggered capture provides asynchronous capture and flash control. Two cameras can be synchronized for simultaneous stereo image capture. The PIXCI® SI2 is available with a standard height or a low-profile bracket. Compatible SILICON VIDEO® cameras have resolutions from 0.3 to 10 megapixels.

The XCAP-Lite imaging program, included with the PIXCI® SI2, provides board and camera controls with limited capture and save capabilities. Choose the XCAP-Ltd program for convenient sequence capture, display, and save to memory. Choose XCAP-Std for maximum capture, display, and save capabilities combined with extensive processing, measurement, and analysis (including image save directly to disk). Programmer’s libraries ( XCLIB) and image processing subroutines (PXIPL) are available for solving the most difficult particle tracking, machine vision measurement, inspection, and image analysis tasks. Third party software is also available.

EPIX, Inc. assembles complete imaging systems with cameras, frame grabbers, high-performance PCI Express motherboards, and RAID arrays for video-to-disk capture. Contact EPIX, Inc., or an authorized EPIX, Inc. distributor for help selecting cameras, frame grabbers, imaging software, optics and computer systems.

SV643C or SV643M 640 × 480 10 bits 211 FPS
SVWGAC or SVWGAM 752 × 480 10 bits 60 FPS
SV9M001M 1280 × 1024 10 bits 30 FPS
SV9T001C 2048 × 1536 10 bits 12 FPS
SV5C10 or SV5M10 2592 × 1944 12 bits 10 FPS
SV9C10 3844 × 2616 12 bits 6.6 FPS
SV10C6 or SV10M6 3840 × 2764 12 bits 6.2 FPS
SV15C5 4608 ×3288 12 bits 4.6 FPS


PCI Express bus x1 thru x16 slot.
1.56 Amps @ +3.3 Volts
0.21 Amps @ +12 Volts
With two SV9T001C 3-megapixel color cameras at 48 MHz pixel clock.
DIMENSIONS (excluding bracket):
3.94 inches long by 2.75 inches high
100 mm long by 70 mm high
(Available with standard or low profile bracket.)
Provides burst transfer rates, from cameras to on-board memory, up to 280 megabytes per second. Transfer rates from on-board memory through the PCI Express bustypically reach 202 megabytes per second..
64 megabytes of frame buffer memory.
Bottom RJ-45 Socket (on Bracket):
Video In, Camera control and Power Out for Unit 0
Top RJ-45 Socket (on Bracket):
Video In, Camera control and Power Out for Unit 1
Bottom SMA Connector (on Bracket):
TTL Trigger Input controlling both Unit 0 & 1
Top SMA Connector (on Bracket):
TTL strobe output – buffered copy of the TTL Trigger Input at the bottom SMA connector.
10-pin Header P1 For Unit 0 (on Board):
1 TTL Trigger Input
1 TTL Strobe Output
2 General Purpose Inputs
2 General Purpose Outputs
10-pin Header P2 For Unit 1 (on Board):
1 TTL Trigger Input
1 TTL Strobe Output
2 General Purpose Inputs
2 General Purpose Outputs


Supported by XCAP-Lite (no charge with board purchase), XCAP-Ltd, XCAP-Std, XCLIB, and XCLIBIPL.
Compatible with 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, LINUX, and 32-bit DOS. Windows Media Foundation (DirectShow) and Video for Linux (V4L2) drivers are included with all versions of XCAP. TWAIN drivers available.

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