Global Shutter / High Dynamic Range Cameras

The SILICON VIDEO® WGAC (color) and WGAM (monochrome) cameras provide up to 752 pixel by 480 line images with up to 10 bits of grey scale per pixel in a progressive scan format at frame rates from 60 frames per second or up to 1338 frames per second at reduced resolution. The area of interest and pixel clock are programmable to allow tradeoffs in image size and image quality against frame rate. The camera has a global shutter for exposures as short as 27 microseconds. The camera can be programmed for linear or companded modes of operation. Linear mode provides precise intensity and color control which provides better image quality. Companded mode, combined with automatic gain and automatic exposure, allows the camera to automatically respond to changing image illumination. Our software provides control of all camera operations.

Asynchronous Capture with Strobe Output

The SVWGAC and SVWGAM cameras offer asynchronous capture to acquire an image (or images) in response to a trigger signal. The cameras have a strobe output signal to synchronize an LED strobe.

PIXCI® SI4 and Four Cameras

One RJ45 Cable and 4 Frame Grabbers

A single RJ45 cable connects the camera to a PIXCI® frame grabber. The cable provides: power, camera controls, pixel clock, and video. A separate power supply is not used.Multiple cabling options are available, see the SILICON® VIDEO Cable page for more details.The SVWGA cameras are supported by four different PIXCI® SI series frame grabbers allowing use on either the PCI or PCIe bus. The PIXCI® SI supports one camera in a 32 bit PCI slot. The PIXCI® SI1 and SI2 frame grabbers support one or two cameras in a PCIe x1 slot. The PIXCI® SI4 supports four cameras in a PCIe x4 slot.


Camera Controls

The XCAP-Lite sofware included with a PIXCI® frame grabber has a Capture & Adjust Dialog for selecting capture mode, ADC, AGC, and AEC control, pixel clock frequency, integration/exposure time, capture resolution, trigger control, slope selection and more. The SVWGAC color camera dialog provides automatic white balance, manual adjustment of Red, Green, and Blue gain, and extensive color balance controls.

Lens Optional

Add a 1/3" format C-Mount lens, programmer libraries, image processing, or video to disk and image analysis software, or request a complete computer system. EPIX, Inc. assembles imaging systems, built to your specifications, with cameras, frame grabbers, high-performance motherboards, and RAID arrays for video to disk capture.


Sequence Capture with SVWGA Camera and XCAP Imaging Program Versions

A SILICON VIDEO® WGA camera will capture continuously, at various resolutions and frame rates, as shown in the chart below.

XCAP-Lite will capture for almost 3 seconds at 752 x 480 resolution, 8 bits per pixel, 60 fps. Images must be saved individually. XCAP-Lite is included with the PIXCI® SI series frame grabbers.

XCAP-Ltd captures and saves sequences for more than 6 minutes into 8 GBytes of available memory (computer must have approximately 12 GBytes of installed memory).

XCAP-Std offers video to disk capture, which can allow continous capture for hours depending on the capacity of the computer’s storage system.

Select which version of the XCAP program is best for your application by reviewing the description on the XCAP product page.

Enclosure W. Cable

Ruggedized Enclosure

The Type-MX VideoModule ruggedized enclosure system from Tectivity, Inc. is available for SILICON® VIDEO cameras.

Contact EPIX, Inc., or your authorized EPIX, Inc. distributor, with your system requirements.


Optical Format: 1/3-inch
Active Image Size: 4.51mm(H) x 2.88mm(V)
5.35mm Diagonal
Active Pixels: 752H × 480V
Pixel Size: 6.0µm × 6.0µm
Color Filter Array: Monochrome or Color RGB Bayer Pattern
Shutter Type: Double-Buffered Global Shutter
Maximum Data Rate: 324 Megabits per second
Minimum Exposure Time: 27 µsec
Master Clock: 26.6 MHz
Full Resolution: 752 × 480
Frame Rate: 60 fps (at full resolution)
ADC Resolution: 10-bit
Responsivity: 4.8 Volts/Lux-sec (550nm)
Dynamic Range: >55dB Linear
>80dB-100dB in HiDy Mode
Supply Voltage: 5 Volts
Power Consumption: 320 mWatt at maximum data rate
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +60°C
Camera Dimensions: 1.91" H x 1.51" W x 0.82" D
48.5mm H x 38.4mm W x 20.8mm D
Weight: 2.6 oz / 73 Grams
Global Shutter Color/Mono Cameras
Frame Resolution Pixel Clock Frequency
25 MHz Slowest 26.6 MHz Default 38 MHz 50 MHz
752 × 480 59 fps 63 fps 91 fps 119 fps
640 × 480 69 fps 74 fps 105 fps 139 fps
600 × 450 76 fps 81 fps 116 fps 153 fps
500 × 375 90 fps 96 fps 137 fps 180 fps
400 × 300 109 fps 116 fps 166 fps 219 fps
320 × 240 132 fps 141 fps 202 fps 265 fps
240 × 180 168 fps 179 fps 255 fps 336 fps
160 × 120 229 fps 244 fps 348 fps 459 fps
80 × 60 360 fps 383 fps 548 fps 721 fps
40 × 30 505 fps 537 fps 767 fps 1010 fps
752 × 2 669 fps 711 fps 1016 fps 1338 fps

SILICON VIDEO® WGA Color Camera Typical Quantum Efficiency
SILICON VIDEO® WGA Color Camera Typical Quantum Efficiency
SILICON VIDEO® WGA Monochrome Camera Typical Quantum Efficiency
SILICON VIDEO® WGA Monochrome Camera Typical Quantum Efficiency

Gretag Macbeth Color Checker captured by SVWGAC camera.
Full dynamic range with excellent color quality.


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