PIXCI® SI Frame Grabber Brings PCI to SILICON VIDEO® Cameras

PIXCI SI Frame Grabber

  • PCI (32-bit/33MHz) frame grabber for most SILICON VIDEO cameras.
  • Compatible with 3.3 or 5 volt PCI  slot.
  • In 8-bit mode, supports pixel clock frequencies up to 70 MHz.
  • In 10 or 12 bit mode, supports pixel clock frequencies up to 62 MHz.
  • Camera’s frame rate determines the PIXCI SI’s frame rate.
  • Camera’s resolution and bit depth determine the PIXCI SI’s resolution and bit depth.
  • Stream video into PC memory - use up to 4 GB of memory (subject to OS & BIOS memory requirements).
  • Capture color data in Bayer format conserving memory without lossy image compression.
  • For longer duration, stream video to hard drive or RAID with optional XCAP-Std program.
  • RJ45 connector for camera data, camera power, and camera control signals.
  • 9 pin D-Subminiature for LVDS Trigger input and LVDS strobe output.
  • TTL Module available for TTL Trigger input, TTL strobe output.
  • Includes XCAP-Lite imaging program at no additional charge.

Supported SILICON VIDEO® cameras have resolutions of 0.3, 1.3, 3.1, 5.0, 9.1, and 10 megapixels. Area of interest controls allow reduction of image size for higher frame rates.

The XCAP-Lite imaging program provides board and camera controls with limited capture and save capabilities. XCAP-Lite is primarily recommended for custom software development. Choose the XCAP-Ltd program for convenient sequence capture, display, and save to as much as 4 gigabytes of memory. Choose XCAP-Std for maximum capture, display, and save capabilities combined with extensive processing, measurement, and analysis (including video-to-disk capture, [subject to the performance of the computer’s RAID array]). Programmer’s libraries (XCLIB) and image processing subroutines (PXIPL) are available for solving the most difficult particle tracking, machine vision measurement, inspection, image sequence analysis, and flow analysis tasks. Third party software is also available.

EPIX, Inc. assembles complete imaging systems with cameras, frame grabbers, high-performance PCI motherboards, and RAID arrays for video-to-disk capture. EPIX imaging systems, custom-built to your specifications, feature Intel motherboards and processors. Contact EPIX, Inc., or an authorized EPIX, Inc. distributor for help selecting cameras, frame grabbers, imaging software, optics and computer systems.

SVWGAC or SVWGAM 752 × 480 10 bits 60 FPS
SV9M001M 1280 × 1024 10 bits 30 FPS
SV9T001C 2048 × 1536 10 bits 12 FPS
SV5C10 or SV5M10 2592 × 1944 12 bits 10 FPS
SV9C10 3844 × 2616 12 bits 6.6 FPS
SV10C6 or SV10M6 3840 × 2764 12 bits 7.1 FPS

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