PIXCI® miniH2B-L

Embedded Dual Base Camera Link Frame Grabber

Smallest embedded dual base camera link frame grabber with connectors at the end of flat cables for flexible connector mounting in a chassis. Plugs into a half-length mini PCI express card slot via a flat Samtec cable. PIXCI® miniH2B-L captures digital video from any two base camera link cameras and burst transfers images to the mini PCIe bus at 500 megabytes per second with sustained rates of 409 megabytes per second. Includes software to capture, view, and store images.


  • Plugs into any mini PCIe slot
  • 5 gigabit per second burst transfer rate
  • 409 megabytes per second sustained transfer rate
  • Two 26 pin MDR or SDR camera link connectors
  • Image data DMA transferred to host memory
  • 64 bit memory addressing


  • From two base camera link cameras
  • From line scan or area scan cameras
  • From monochrome or color cameras
  • Individual lines or frames
  • Continuous video
  • Triggered image sequences

Trigger and I/O (for each camera)

  • Camera exposure and asynchronous reset control
  • Trigger input and strobe output
  • Frame enable input and frame output
  • Two general purpose inputs and two outputs


  • PoCL camera power


  • XCAP-Lite image capture, display, and save program included
  • XCAP-LTD captures video sequences to host memory
  • XCAP-STD streams video to host disk drives
  • XCLIB programmer libraries for custom capture and control
  • PXIPL image processing, measurement, and analysis libraries
  • 3rd Party software available
  • Windows & Linux, 32 & 64–bit

The PIXCI® miniH2B-L camera link frame grabber uses internal PCI Express Mini Card slots in small computer systems. Space constraints typically require routing of cables to a side of the case or to a nearby camera. Flexible cables are used to facilitate routing.


PIXCI® miniH2 Bus Adapters

M.2M and M.2A & E bus interface boards are now available for the PIXCI® miniH2B, minih2F, miniH2BL and miniH2FL frame grabbers. Please contact us for ordering details.


Performance (Supports the camera's maximum): Horizontal Resolution
Vertical Resolution
Frame Rate
Bit Depth
Signal Input & Output: Pixel clock frequencies from 20 to 85 megahertz
Bus Requirement: PCI Express Mini Card slot Gen 2 or better
(Will operate in Gen 1 at reduced data rate)
Data Transfers: Gen 2 data rates (409 megabytes per second)
Gen 1 data rates (200 megabytes per second)
64 bit memory addressing
Connectors: Two 26 pin MDR or SDR camera link connectors
20 pin header with Dual: Trigger, Frame Enable, Strobe, and General Purpose I/O
3.3 volt LVTTL signal levels on 20 pin header
Power Requirements: 12 volts at 250 milliamps
Dimensions: miniH2B-L: 1.69 inches (42.92mm) by 2.42 inches (61.46mm)
connectors: 1.19 inches (30.3mm) by 1.52 inches (38.7mm)
mini PCIe: 1.055 inches (26.79mm) by 1.182 inches (30mm)
Weight: Main board: 0.9 oz, 26 grams
Cable: varies with length
Certifications: CE Compliant
ROHS Compliant
EPIX Software Support:

Supported by XCAP-Lite (no charge with board purchase), XCAP-Ltd, XCAP-Std, XCLIB, and XCLIBIPL.
Compatible with 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, LINUX, and 32-bit DOS. Windows Media Foundation (DirectShow) and Video for Linux (V4L2) drivers are included with all versions of XCAP. TWAIN drivers available.


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